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Summer Sundae Ideas

 Summer is here and there's no better excuse to enjoy frozen desserts than the first hot weather of the year.  The next time you are entertaining guests, have everyone make their own ice cream sundaes with a varieties of toppings.  

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How do I keep my sorbet from getting hard in the freezer?

Having trouble keeping your sorbet from freezing rock-hard? Add a few tablespoons of one of these ingredients to keep it smoother and softer.

Five Ideas for Using Up Over-Ripe Fruit

Don't let those berries go bad. When fruit is past it's prime, it tends to become extra sweet, so use that flavor to make a great frozen treat.

Mango Pomegranate Ice Pop Recipe

Combine ripe mangoes with tart pomegranate juice in this easy, two ingredient recipe for homemade ice pops. You'll love the results!

Types of Frozen Desserts

You can learn to make your own frozen desserts, but first you should find out all the different types that are available.

Tips for Making the Perfect Sorbet

Make the perfect sorbet with fresh, seasonal fruit using these six quick tips. Learn the best do's and don't for tweaking your recipes.

How do you fix over-whipped cream?

Making perfect whipped cream at home is easy. It's also easy to fix cream that's gotten a little over-whipped. Learn the secret now.

Tips for Using an Ice Cream Maker

Learning how to use your ice cream maker is the key to turning a good recipe into a great recipe. These six tips will improve your desserts fast.

Sauces, Toppings & Mix-Ins

Transform your desserts with hot fudge, caramel, or strawberry sauce. Kick up your sundae with macerated fruit or make a special batch of butterscotch.


There's nothing more crowd-pleasing than a perfect ice cream treat, so entertain your guests with these great frozen treats.

Ice Cream 101

Learn about ice cream and frozen desserts with a glossary, FAQs, and great basic recipes. This is a great place for novice cooks!

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