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Popsicle Flavor Ideas

Create Your Own Fun Frozen Dessert Recipes


Plastic popsicle molds.

Popsicle molds aren't required to make homemade popsicles, but they are an easy way to freeze your treats.

Image © Kimberly Kunaniec

Just about any liquid can be turned into a popsicle. Although there are tons of great recipes, you really don’t need one to get started. Just think about things you like to drink and toss them in a popsicle mold. Short on popsicle flavor ideas? Here are five options to get you started.


If you love to drink it, coffee makes a great popsicle flavor idea. Start with your favorite brand and flavor. A bad cup of coffee isn’t going to get any better when you drink it. Fix it up the way you like to drink your coffee. Just make sure to add the sugar while the coffee is still warm, so it completely dissolves.

Coffee popsicles are great with the addition of a little dairy. Frozen milk or cream will change the texture of the ice pop. So add in your favorite flavored creamer before putting your popsicles in the freezer.

Bonus trick: Add the coffee to your popsicle molds and then top with a little milk or creamer. The different liquids will blend somewhat, but they will have a cool layered effect once frozen.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juices are the most common popsicle flavor idea. You can go to the store and see dozens of different varieties. If you want to keep it completely simple, you can just freeze your favorite prepared juice. But think about your favorite fruit flavor combinations. Why not mix and match two or more different juices?

Tip: Pair especially sweet fruit juices with something that is a little more tart to balance out the flavor. For example, a sweet mango juice can be combined with a little citrus, like lemon or orange.

Fruit Puree

Use the whole fruit and get some texture into your popsicle. All you need is a blender to turn fresh fruit into homemade popsicles. If you don’t puree your fruit completely smooth, you will have great chunks of frozen fruit embedded in your popsicles.

For added fun, slice whole fruits into thin slices and add them to your popsicle molds. Cover with juice and freeze, and there will be a fun surprise inside your popsicle. Strawberries are one fruit that freezes wonderfully, while a thin slice of kiwi will give a beautiful look to the popsicle.


Although alcohol does change the way a liquid will freeze, a little bit can turn an ordinary fruit juice popsicle into a cocktail-flavored ones. These cocktail popsicle recipes may be adults only, but they will make you feel like a kid while you eat them!

Pudding and Yogurt

You don’t have to choose just juices for your popsicles. Freeze chocolate pudding in a popsicle mold for your own homemade version of the Fudgsicle. Or, combine juice with yogurt to make a creamier version of the ice pop.

Two of my favorite popsicle flavors incorporate Greek yogurt with milk and juice to make the finished product. Pomegranate yogurt popsicles are tart and tangy, while orange and cream popsicles are a grown-up version of a Creamsicle.

Be creative when you make your own popsicle ideas. You never know what combination will become your ultimate favorite.

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